Startup Video Projects

Goodbox – Office Cafeteria Product Video

After we started a services line of business at denture Capital, I wrote to a lot of startups that I interacted before that we are starting the services business and if they have any needs for video content. I got a quick reply from Mayank at Goodbox that they wanted a video for their Cafeteria product. We were really excited to do this as we had shot Goodbox for one of our episodes around chat bots and this also looked like a good opportunity to get started with services.

denture Capital is a full service video startup and we do Creative & Pre- Production, Production, Post Production and Distribution

We sat down with the team at Goodbox and understood the need. We then wrote some script ideas that we passed on. After both the denture Capital team and the Goodbox team was happy with the script, we got down to storyboarding. Doing a visual storyboard always helps the Production crew and we did one.

The next step was to shoot. The team traveled to the location of the shoot which was a cafeteria in this case. Since we had the storyboarding, it was a just a matter of 4 hours of shoot. The Post-Production took about a week and the video was out! This is an internal video that will be used by the Goodbox sales teams when they go out to meet prospective canteen clients. We wish them the best!

Startup Video Projects

Codewave – The Startup Way of Life


Here’s the first video in our new series ‘The Startup Way of Life’.

We are profiling work culture at startups and showcasing how different it is to work at startups. While it is not always about having flexible work hours or bean bags in office, every startup has a different story to tell.

We met Abhijith & Vidya at the GMIC event and connected on email later. They wanted a video to showcase the culture at Codewave to the outside world. When I met them and asked what separates them from other startups, the idea at Codewave was office being an extension of home.

No receptionists, no dress code, no time checks, a flexible work environment where there is mix of work and play. A weekly event called the ‘Leadership Cafe‘ where team members come and talk about random pre decided topics.

I could sense from our interactions that Vidhya & Abhijith cared more about the culture of the office than anything else. They put in a great deal of effort in that regard and it really shows in the way the office functions. The team from denture Capital who traveled for the shoot had equal fun as team Codewave. We were treated to Pizzas and extra care was taken to ensure we were comfortable.

We also wanted to do something different and did a style where it appears that the video was done in one take!

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